September 2014

Teresa Forcades

The Outspoken Spanish Nun Who’s Made Herself A Political Force Sister Forcades is Spain’s most famous living nun. She’s a medical doctor with a master’s degree from Harvard. She’s a feminist who’s been reprimanded by the Vatican for supporting abortion rights. She’s a Benedictine nun in a country where the Catholic Church has historically sided… Read more »

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Jeanne Baret

The First Woman To Go Round The World Did It As A Man “She dared confront the stress, the dangers, and everything that happened that one could realistically expect on such a voyage. Her adventure, should, I think, be included in a history of famous women.” (via NPR)

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Vulvatron : Heavy metal's monster amazon

Gwar’s newest frontwoman is a “Spiky Purple Amazon” named Vulvatron “She’s nobody’s girlfriend, or groupie or background dancer; Vulvatron is in charge. She gets to be a monster instead of a princess, and that is immensely important for younger girls who are just starting to explore heavy metal.” (via the Mary Sue) YOU GUYS. VULVATRON.

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