Priss Fotheringham’s Novelty Sex Act: “Chucking”

Mid-1600s: London prostitute Priss Fotheringham makes a name for herself through the long-forgotten novelty sex act of “chucking” – wherein she would stand on her head naked, legs akimbo, and onlookers would “chuck” coins into her, um, “commodity.” According to legend, she could fit 16 half-crowns (40 shillings) in there.

(kind of the inverse of a ping pong ball show?)

More information here.


  • Arthur Frayn

    She hit her stride “chucking” in 1660, the beginning of the Restoration, one of the most excessive periods of English history. It was a good time to be a whore with a decadent novelty act. Here’s to her memory.

  • archersangel

    If she was the second best, who was THE best? And who had the official word on such things?

  • Hypatia

    She was coining it in!