RP Theatre: Negotiation Tactics!

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And that’s another edition of RP Theatre (click here for more)! Since I have a bunch of new readers, thought I’d do a short comic to re-introduce some of the people I’ve already covered. We have:

Back to long comic format next week.

  • Mitsumune


  • Why has there not been a major film about d’Aubigny’s life yet? This needs to be a thing!

  • Catkins

    There isn’t a film but there is a book. It’s called Goddess by Kelly Gardiner. But I agree there needs to be a proper film, one that does her justice and doesn’t portray her as over sexualised.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    If anyone could disrupt Pavlichenko’s cool, it’d be La Maupin.

  • Yeah, I’ve read it. Pretty good book, though it certainly takes a few liberties. The framing story with the priest was interesting, but I wasn’t a fan of the use of present tense in the flashbacks/main story.

  • TheRejectedPrince

    Loved the part with lyudmila and aubingy , and thats one extra sexy shit to pornify :)

  • JoiaJ

    Agreeing w/Alison E. Wise from the d’Aubigny page – it must be in the style of the 1970s “The Three Musketeers” movies.