• jhalpernkitcat

    Just as I thought–then again I happen to have a copy of Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World–which is awesome. This tale is one of my favorites in there.

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  • Maria João Barata

    This is my favourite story in awhile :D I like these kinds of tales that are fictional but are realistic enough that they *might* actually have happened :P

  • MrPhoenix

    Is it La Llorona?

  • Jessi

    Got this as soon as I read it, thank you Supernatural. It’s definitely La Llorona.

  • Please use the link to submit your guesses.

  • Please use the link to submit your guess.

  • brykyo

    I wonder if you will ever do Zenobia

  • Jason Porath

    She’s on the list! If you like her story, you’ll probably like Mavia’s even more. :D

  • Chelsea Murray

    I’m so glad you decided to write about Amaridevi. Her story is my favorite in a book of folk tales my boyfriend bought me two years ago.