• zgujral

    What kind of room is Fredegund supposed to be in? Though it looks like a hallway, that doesn’t explain the doors. Despite the appearance of a dais, which would make it a throne room, there wouldn’t be what looks like books in the throne room, or a treasure chest unless there’s a special occasion. It can’t be the treasury either, that would probably have smaller or no windows, and there would be more chests, also the ceiling’s to high for a treasury.

  • samsneady


  • Peter Hoff

    Disco effect aside, that style of armor didn’t exist until the 14th century. Same with the swords. What they actually had at that time was pretty similar to what we normally associate with Vikings (chain coat, conical helm, round shield, etc), though there was probably still plenty old Roman gear kicking around as well.

  • Sabrina Lindsay

    The way she tries to kill her daughter is a lot like the death of the boy in the fairy tale “The Juniper Tree”

  • Specialist290

    Fun fact: While Fredegund might not have been a princess that Disney would’ve made a movie about, it’s thought that the popular folktale of Cinderella is based in part on the story of Fredegund and Rigunth.

  • Anonoymous

    O.o T-T-They made a movie???