• Phoenix

    I think the artwork is just fine…

  • One of my favorite historical women!

  • professor tempôs

    The flail in Pharaohonic imagery is for threshing wheat, not driving slaves… it represents Pharaoh’s dominion over agriculture, the crook is about Pharaoh’s dominion over livestock… both are indications of Pharaoh’s earthly wealth and power.

  • professor tempôs

    …The Uraeus (the serpent on Pharaoh’s headband/crown) is representative of Pharaoh’s divine power on earth.

  • Jim Callahan

    I like the view that she’s looking down on us all and the world is bending to her will.

  • Pollo

    Mmm, you should read the story of Popocatetl and Iztaccihuatl (a Mexican folk legend), i think it would be quite a good story to be used by Disney, although it has a sad ending…

  • Maddi

    Okay I finally got around to going through every RP on this site and after three weeks I finally have! Now to wait for the next update….

  • Jason Porath

    It’s up tomorrow! Although man, this one is a real beast to get out…

  • Angela

    Are you going to feature any other female pharaohs? Like Nitokris, who is supposed to have avenged her brother’s murder by having an underground banquet hall built and using it to drown their enemies.

  • Jason Porath

    Have you seen the hint for next entry?

  • Angela

    I had not, at the time I wrote that comment. I shall look forward to next week’s entry most eagerly.

  • loop

    There is far more on her as well, if you enjoy this, continue researching her. She cared deeply for her people, was most likely murdered by being given a poisoned salve for (likely, psoriasis, very common). I’m very tired, but there is so much more to her.

  • Interesting. Do you have a source you’d recommend? I read Kara Cooney’s book on her, which seemed to be one of the most recent, but it didn’t make much mention of a potential murder, to my recollection.