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  • Dee

    I think there was a reference in this video–check out the 1940s look (about 0:24)

  • Jason Porath

    HAH! That’s awesome!

  • Ky

    I’m doing my state history project and just submitted it. It’s a pity this post came too late as I would LOVE to do a project on these women.

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  • Glory Fink

    In case you aren’t aware… I just checked, there are more than 300 institutions in the Philippines that are members of OCLC/WorldCat including the National Library of the Philippines and the libraries of the University of the Phillipines. When WorldCat says the Library of Congress is the only library with a particular title cataloged that means they are the only OCLC/WorldCat member library in the world with that title currently in their collection.

    The Library of Congress now has the book Kumander Liwayway : Joan of Ark of the Philippines in their catalog. Your local public library may be able to interlibrary loan it for you, many libraries ILL free for their patrons. I’m the Interlibrary Loan person for my public library system which is why I mention this. #InterLibraryLove

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