• Mollie Christine

    Next week: Annie Jump Cannon?

  • Janet Coburn

    Stories like this always remind me of this song/video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9KvA2eWjwY

  • Oooh, an animal sidekick! That immediately raises her animated cred.

  • Jade Wilson

    Hmm, guessing Henrietta Swan Leavitt or Annie Cannon

  • Which, incidentally, is getting a comic adaptation.

  • Jennifer Crumly

    Guess for next week: Seondeok (Sondok), Queen of Silla

  • Corina

    Queen Seondeok ! Or Sondok. I’m not sure which version is right.

  • archersangel

    I love how the dog is doing a flying-tackle on the dragon.

  • I’m guessing Queen Seondeok/Sondok of Silla.

  • NecroEarth50

    I’m guessing Harriet Tubman. After all, the stars were her guide when she was operating the underground railroad.

  • ceekayz0r

    Did anyone else see the dog in the art and immediately think “SCOOBY DOO!!!”? :P

  • ceekayz0r

    Tubman also carried a large revolver for which to shoot people who tried to turn back… :)

  • gh


  • Wilhelmina Krishnamurthi

    In a way you can rationalize that, if they turn back they’d utterly destroy her entire operation…possibly to earn a better position with the masters? It makes sense, sadly.

  • Tyrrea Martin

    I love this story.

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  • esmeralda

    oh there is scooby

  • esmeralda