• Miranda Goldstine

    I know about the mammoths all too well. My brother loves Jefferson as much as he loves Napoleon and he hates it whenever I remind him that Jefferson had illegitimate kids. Anyway I think I read about Mary a long time ago.

  • Oli A

    Loved this week’s story (also one on Tirgatao was superb)! :) Can you please, please, possibly do Queen Olga of Kievan Rus one day? She had a revenge style that would not look out of place in Game of Thrones! ^_^

  • Jason Porath

    She’s in the book. :)

  • Oli A

    Cannot wait to see her story! ^_^

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  • ten thousand birds screaming

    How was this something lighter, I’m crying a little

  • Jason Porath

    Yeah, I didn’t realize how sad her story got until I really got into it. Sorry about that.

  • I used to work at the Natural History Museum in London. Everything in the marine fossils corridor was found by Mary Anning. I loved walking through it. The musuem has a couple of ladies that dress up as Mary Anning and tell visitors about her life. I got my picture taken with one of them once and was so excited!

    I would always try to get the little girls excited about Mary Anning and tell them about her and say that ‘girls can be dinosaur hunters too!’

  • Jae Ackert-Reaney

    I’m not crying, you’re crying!