• Katsiaryna Naliuka

    Love the filigree borders! “Na” is Occitan for “Donna”, so it’s “Lady Merchant’.

  • pointe4Jesus

    Oh. I guess I found the most recent entry. On the one hand, that means I can go to bed without worrying about losing my place. But… there aren’t any more!

  • Sara Elizabeth Prekosovich

    You didn’t think anyone would get this? Never doubt the skills of a librarian to find obscure answers.

  • Crybaby Killjoy Otaku Pilot Br

    It was because of Romano.
    (I’m sorry, I had to make a fandom joke.)

  • CliffinCalif

    “Mon petite chou” (My little cabbage) is a term of endearment in French. Could you work THAT in to the story?

  • Natasha Romanova

    Awww! Noooo! Don’t worry, it’s okay that you couldn’t work in a “My Cabbages” joke. But one thing, YOU’RE A FAN OF ATLA?! HECK YEAH!!!!