• Mary

    Gee, thank you so much for this. I’m Mexican, and since I’ve always loved books and got bullied as a child becuase of that, she was my heroine. She still is, actually. Taught me to take a stand and pour my heart in what I love, no matter what others say.

  • Fabulous Alien

    Wonderful work on this entry. I’ve had a sort of fascination with Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz for a long time. The first verse of her “Redondillas” is the only poetry I can remember by heart. The film about her, “I, the worst of all”, was directed by a compatriot of mine, María Luisa Bemberg, who filmed quite a few stories about amazing women, most famously “Camila”, based on the real story of a young woman in 19th century Argentina. Now that I think about it, neither Ms. Bemberg nor Camila O’Gorman would feel out of place amongst your Rejected Princesses.

  • D.S. Ryelle

    Three cheers for Central! (I’m from Michigan…have I ever mentioned that? :D )

  • Sarah

    I don’t believe you have done a musician yet how about Rosetta Tharpe?

  • Dakota

    This one was awesome! But, I feel like the hints are getting more difficult…

  • Kitrona ✪

    This was really good. I like all your entries, but I actually teared up at the end of this one.

  • Jemma Payne

    that was amazing. i love how you turned her into life. i could imagine this being a future disney movie easily.

  • Chibi

    Juana de Asbaje y Ramirez, or Ramirez de Asbaje. Daughter of the captain Pedro Manuel de Asbaje (Basque).


    I’m sorry, the reference is in Spanish, but it comes from the Ph.D Lourdes Aguilar Salas, who is an investigator of Sor Juana’s poetry