• D.S. Ryelle

    There are so many types of veils–so confusing! You mentioned the chadari, which Wiki says is like the burqa (you’re right). I thought you might have meant the chador (note the similar spelling!) popular in Iran. (And Pakistan, if you believe the [fictional] “Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind”, though Susanne Fisher Staples spells it without the o.) I’m pretty sure there are as many types of veils as there are countries that practice Islam!

  • czrisher

    A tedious point but there’s a typo in the fifth footnote: “Third Angl0-Afghan War” has a zero instead of an ‘o’.

  • czrisher

    A tedious point but there’s a typo in the fifth and thirty-sixth footnotes: “Third Angl0-Afghan War” has a zero instead of an ‘o’.

  • Thanks, fixed! Don’t know how that happened…

  • nader qurbankhel

    The uprise was supported by Britain,

  • Grayson Wayman

    The languages of Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari. Farsi isn’t one of them, and highly unlikely to be the language they spoke to each other.

  • Sherbano

    Dari is a variety of Persian and is probably what they spoke.


  • Grayson Wayman

    Well I’ll be damned. Thank you! (I now have a new book to read to boot!)

  • Samantha Foo

    Soraya Tarzi was a pioneer and she is a role model for all Afghani girls.

  • Kimberley Chai

    Hello! Are these wonderful comics part of your book too? Or is the book mostly text? Thank you!

  • Book is mostly text. I am in negotiations for a book two that hopefully will include more imagery.

  • Kimberley Chai

    Oh that would be lovely. I am a fan of your web posts because the comics are such a fun way to tell these stories, especially to children. I really do look forward to a hardcopy book with such comics and drawings, if you do intend to produce them in future!