• Nicki G

    Love this entry! Cicley Tyson played her in the film Hoodlum. It’s worth a watch if you enjoy mobster/gangster films or just anything about old school Harlem.

  • D.S. Ryelle

    That wasn’t the first time “Uncle Fishy” played Bumpy! When you brought up Dutch, I immediately thought of “The Cotton Club” (HUGE James Remar fan, here) and–lo and behold–there’s Uncle Fishy’s name again! The Madame was played by a gal named Novella Nelson, who is still working. Heck, she even had a role in “A Walk Among the Tombstones”. A Liam Neeson movie at 74? NICE!

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  • Jaz.lit

    She died at 82 & her husband , or ex-husband is not dead. He’s still alive.

  • Jason Porath

    Her age is a matter of debate, seeing as she lied about much of her early life. The book I cited, which has the most complete compilation of research currently available, argues that her birth year was later than often cited, hence the age of 73 for her death.

    And I’m unsure where you’re getting that Sufi Hamid is still alive. I believe it’s pretty well established he died in 1938: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sufi_Abdul_Hamid

  • ines

    She was born in Martinique, another french overseas territory.

  • Vivi

    I need to see a movie of this!