• Carol

    By the way there’s a repeated word in the sixth panel (not counting the cover). The leader says “Don’t let let the imperials see us with you lot!”

  • Cala

    9th panel says:

    The day of, Takeko fought like a demon. (The missing noun is probably not intentional?)

    Nice entry though. :)

  • Jeanette Wu

    This was such a tragic entry. The battle between Emperor and Shogunate was very bloody, and while the shogunate was slowly killing the country with their conservatism and political corruption (or rather the Elder Council for the shoguns, as by this time the shoguns themselves had become puppet rulers), there is no denying the courage of the samurai who fought to preserve their way of life. And Nakano Takeko was one of those samurai. I like the atmosphere, though it took a beat for me to realize it’s upside-down.

  • JoiaJ

    I cried. Thank you.