• Ng Yi-Sheng

    This was fantastic!

  • Brandy

    Loved it! I think she’s one of my favorite so far!

  • Ali

    Page 16 of the previous story was uploaded into this one…

  • Jason Porath

    Reload? I tried this on several different computers and phones, and couldn’t see what you’re talking about.

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  • freya christensen

    I know next week’s slot is filled, but if you ever need ideas…what about Agafia Lykova?

  • No No

    I found this article if you like idea suggestions. A lady that worked with AIDS/HIV patients during an epidemic where most parents just shunned them. http://m.arktimes.com/arkansas/ruth-coker-burks-the-cemetery-angel/Content?oid=3602959

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  • sushi

    I am glad I found this!

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  • Someone Else

    Just a quick note about Mayor: she distorts part of Xenophon’s “Anabasis”, turning a combined joke/intimidation tactic into evidence that the female shield dancer had learned this as part of her upbringing, and her source one the wedding dresses of one modern tribe represents the mail the bride might once have worn explicitly says the opposite.

    Now, I love her book, and I don’t think it’s a deliberate attempt at academic misconduct, but I do think her passion and speculation causes problems in her work. I recommend everyone who reads it to take everything with a small grain of salt. If there are two cases of overactive imagination, there are probably more.

  • Jemma Payne

    that girl is the kindest, most badass girl i have come across sofar. i love her story. thankyou for making this

  • nes

    As a Circassian I really enjoyed reading this. Well researched. Love the clothing and especially the tatoo.

    There was one other story in these parts; I think it was about a Female wrestler who have duelled (and beaten) the champion of an invading Mongol army (and made them leave in shock after she revealed her self as a woman). I’ll see if I can find it.

    Skin color is fine, somewhat darker than what an average Maeotian probably looked like but I don’t think its that out of place. In fact red hair might have been just as rare. (who knows)

  • Do you mind if I ask you where you live? There’s a (I believe Circassian) legend I’ve been trying to track down for some time but keep hitting language barriers.

  • nes

    4 months too late… I hate it when this happens! :( My apologies, I missed your message. I live in Canada. I do not know if I can help much with the language barrier as my Circassian is very basic. What legend you had in mind? Again sorry for the late late reply.

  • The legend of Altyn-Aryg – it was only ever collected in full in a Russian book in the 80s, I believe.

  • nes

    Altai speaking Siberian peoples legend. Alyn Aryg (Golden Bee) it is Turkic? I am fluent in Turkish if that helps. I speak absolutely no Russian though.

    I am quite sure you have already seen this chapter but just in case:

  • Yeah, that’s where I first heard of her – sadly, it’s just one chapter out of a much longer epic, the rest of which is not available in English.

  • esmeralda

    this is why you dont betray your wife!