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  • deb daniel
  • She’s on the list! See also: Bessie Stringfield.

  • SemIAm

    I’m surprised Lady Jane Grey isn’t in the mix.

  • Christy Collins

    I’m surprised you don’t have any Scottish women, such as Scáthach (who educated aspiring knights in the tactics of war and of sex), Black Agnes (“a brawling, boisterous Scottish wench”), Colonel Anne (the only woman on record to have raised a clan), or Margaret Ann Bulkley (aka Dr. James Barry, who worked as a physician for over 50 years before dying and being discovered as a woman). I’d also love to know more about Tigh na Banaghaisgeich,” the mysterious house of the female Amazon.

  • They’re all on the list! :) Clearly I need to get to one (or all) of them soon….

  • Just a few hours ago I searched for “Bessie Stringfield” and “Dot Robinson” – two
    well-respected women motorcyclists – and, not finding any reference to
    them in your search engine, sent you details on both. I hope you’ll
    follow up on some of these women!

  • Kanya Saraswati

    Hi! I’m from Indonesia and would like to make suggestions. I haven’t finished your entire websites (so many interesting things I have to read in detail!) so I dont know if you’ve done them or not:

    1. Tjut nyak dien (a freedom fighter from aceh, the islamic province of indonesia)
    2. Keumalahayati (the first woman admiral in the modern world, also from aceh)
    3. Martha Christina tiahahu (a freedom fighter from Maluku, eastern territory of Indonesia)
    4. Nyi Ageng Serang (a war commander from Java)

    and a mythical one that is quite interesting is probably Nyi Roro Kidul (there are a lot of spelling to her name, from Nyai Roro Kidul, or Nyi Loro Kidul or Nyai Loro Kidul). She was a queen and even now people still thought that she was still reigning over the “other” world (spiritual world). People actually take her seriously even until now that there are hotel rooms dedicated for her and people dont wear green when closing into her said territory (coz she likes green and she will “take” you if you’re wearing green).

    worth checking into! I’ll be waiting for your new entries!!

  • Keumalahayati is in the book! The others are on my list – although it’s really hard to get good English language information on them! :) Thank you!

  • Kanya Saraswati

    If you text or information in Indonesian, I’d gladly help you translate some. Feel free to contact me!

  • Sonia Cilento

    can you please do a rp entry on the two sisters trung (or hai bà trưng in vietnamese)

  • They’re in the book! :)

  • Maggie

    Please tell me that Anna Komnene and Judith of Flanders are on the list to do soon?!

  • They’re both on the to-research list. The upcoming list is a bit more ad-hoc, although I should shore that up. :)