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“Marm” Mandelbaum

Marm Mandelbaum, The Queen of Fences, turned street rats into professional criminals.

“She was known to fastidiously bribe and pay off police, local politicians, and judges, who allowed her operation to become a criminal ring worth millions. ‘At some point, she came to understand… the American system is, “You get what you pay for.”‘”

Teenage video game pro shuts down men accusing her of cheating

The Korean professional Overwatch scene is now down two players after their accusations against a teenage female player were refuted by both Blizzard Korea and the player herself.

“The two players who were so convinced of her cheating that they placed their careers on the line, were ultimately forced to quit playing Overwatch professionally. They left in shame, and are no longer part of team Dizziness.”

Negin Khpalwak

Threats Won’t Stop This Teen Girl From Leading Afghanistan’s 1st All-Female Orchestra. Negin Khpalwak is 19 years old and is defying conservative customs

“Apart from my father, everybody in the family is against it. They say, ‘How can a Pashtun girl play music? Especially in our tribe, where even a man doesn’t have the right to do it.'”

#Supersheroes project shows women as superheroes for escaping abusive relationships

#Supersheroes is a photography project that aims to shine a light on abuse survivors’ stories of empowerment.

“The longer you live in an abusive environment, the harder it is to get out. But it is never too late to leave, even if you have 5 children.”

Janna Jihad

“I began that work when I saw, like, a lot of things that happened without journalists covering those things. Like when my friend Mustafa has been killed, when my uncle Rushdi has been killed.”

Patrice Banks

This Entrepreneur Launched A Mechanic Business For Women To Disrupt The Male-Dominated Industry. Patrice Banks is the founder of Girls Auto Clinic.

“They made clear that they were skeptical of my credentials. They looked at my hands to see how dirty they were. They quizzed me on my knowledge of car parts and mechanics. Even after I passed their tests, the boys told me that I was too much of a distraction to work with men.”

Mary Shanley

How one NYC policewoman became a media sensation.

Sometimes, the policewoman would take her niece to work with her: “I would be a decoy for her. She didn’t look like a detective looking for a pickpocket, she was a mother out with her daughter.”

Phoebe Snetsinger

When Phoebe Snetsinger was diagnosed with melanoma in 1981 and given less than a year to live, she knew how she wanted to spend it: seeking out birds. Snetsinger, honored in today’s Google Doodle,…

Today’s Google Doodle (in the US, at least) honors Phoebe Snetsinger on what would have been her 85th birthday. Snetsinger had been interested in birding for years, but when she was diagnosed with terminal skin cancer, her interest became an obsession. She became the first person to observe 8,000 bird species in 1995, and her tally was at 8,400 species when she died in 1999. She died, incidentally, not of her melanoma but due to a bus crash while she was birding in Madagascar.

(image taken from this article)

Helly Luv

The pop diva on the Islamic State’s most wanted list.

Posted by PlayGround + on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Helly Luv, a Kurdish pop star, has made a career of defying ISIS with songs like “Risk it All” and “Revolution” — and has gotten many, many death threats in the process.

Hidden Figures

Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer star in “Hidden Figures,” a largely untold story of African-American mathematicians in the space program.

“For years at [NASA], women often worked in separate rooms from men, and the white women were segregated from the black women, who were known as ‘colored computers.'” This upcoming movie follows the stories of those women.

Katherine Johnson, the woman Ms. Henson is playing, was previously covered on this site.