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First US Olympian to compete wearing a hijab

Ibtihaj Muhammad Will Be The 1st Team USA Athlete To Compete At The Olympics Wearing The Hijab. She will compete in fencing in Brazil in August

“When most people picture an Olympic fencer, they probably do not imagine a person like me. Fortunately, I am not most people.”

Woman leads US military combatant command for first time

Gen. Lori Robinson called leading U.S. Northern Command a ‘significant responsibility.’

“As far as the woman part of it all, as I often say to people, I’m the commander of Pacific Air Forces, I’m a general in the United States Air Force, I’m an airman, and I happen to be a woman.”

Congress approves Arlington cemetery burials for female WWII pilots

The legislation would allow the remains of women who served as Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP, in the 1940s to be buried in the veterans cemetery.

The WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) flew noncombat and training missions for the US during WW2, but were not afforded honors such as burials in military cemeteries — until now.

Lhakpa Sherpa

Lhakpa Sherpa ​​has climbed Everest more than any other woman—​and now she’s on the mountain trying for her seventh summit​. So why doesn’t anyone know her name?

Part of why she’s been so reluctant to share her story deals with her horrific divorce battle with her abusive ex-husband, a well-known mountain climber.

Trigger warning for domestic abuse.

[Edit] A couple of readers pointed out as an update to this story that she completed her seventh climb of Mount Everest.

Queen of Katwe

This movie follows the real-life story of Phiona Mutesi, a Ugandan chess prodigy, and her journey from the slums of Katwe to the international world of chess competition.

Learn more about the real Phiona Mutesi here.

First airline founded by a black woman now operates internationally

South Africa’s Fly Blue Crane airline continues to make waves in the aviation world.

“You have to accept up front that your road will be more difficult than the pale white male sitting next to you,” says Sizakele Mzimela, CEO of South African airline Fly Blue Crane. “It’s your job to say ‘nothing will stop me. I’m going to make it.'”

Mikaila Ulmer

10-year-old Mikaila Ulmer runs successful business, Bee Sweet Lemonade.

When Mikaila Ulmer learned, at four years old, that bees worldwide were suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, she started her own lemonade stand that used honey instead of sugar: Bee Sweet Lemonade. Using a secret recipe handed down from her great grandmother, she built such a following that her lemonade is on shelves in Whole Foods in three states.

Just earlier this year she signed a contract with Whole Foods to distribute her lemonade (recently rebranded “Me & the Bees Lemonade“) across the country.

Palestinian Girls Invent a Smart Cane For The Blind

Fatma Imad Zaghab and Amal Ali Fhoud invented a “smart walking stick,” which uses sensors to detect nearby objects and alerts the user via headphones.

Earlier this month, they traveled to the US to compete in the Intel International Science Fair, where they won $1,000 from the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.

Rose Mackenberg

Rose Mackenberg became one of Houdini’s trusted “secret service” detail, who’d secretly arrive ahead of him to quietly infiltrate and investigate the local Spiritualist scene to gather evidence of fraud.