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Rise of the Rocket Girls

Before there were digital computers, there were “human computers,” women who used pencils and paper to do the math that helped carry the U.S. into space. Nathalia Holt tells their story in a new book.

A new book relays the history of the women who’ve been with NASA since the Space Race. Hopefully this includes several women profiled on RP before, like Annie Jean Easley, Mary Sherman Morgan, and the inimitable Margaret Hamilton!

First Afghan Muppet is a girl promoting womens’ rights

“She is modeling for young girls that it is wonderful to go to school and that it’s ok to dream about having a career.”

“It’s so powerful that the first Afghan Muppet is a girl.”

Hilde Kate Lysiak

The daughter of a reporter loves pursuing real news, and scooped the local newspaper Saturday with her reporting on a tragic homicide.

“I know this makes some of you uncomfortable, and I know some of you just want me to sit down and be quiet because I’m nine. If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computers and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?”

5 TED-Ed lessons about awesome women

If it’s true that well-behaved women seldom make history, then we’d like to introduce you to a few of our favorite troublemakers. Here are 5 TED-Ed Lessons about remarkable women…

The subjects covered include former RP Hatshepsut; Sacajawea; explorers (and potential future RPs) Alexandra David-Neel, Marianna North, and Mary Kingsley; the recently-mentioned Henrietta Lacks, and several of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses.

RP in Catch News!

Feminist blogger Jason Porath on why he tells the stories he does.

Did a fun interview with Catch News – covers plenty of topics, from what will be in the book, to people’s reactions when they find out I’m a guy.

Women rejecting marriage proposals in western art history

There’s a rich, long tradition of women turning down marriage offers in Western art history.

This cracked me up repeatedly.

Lúcia da Silva Teixeira

Just because you live with disabilities doesn’t mean you can’t be a world-class athlete. If you want proof of this, check out a new video posted by Rio 2016 that shows Paralympic athlet…

Lúcia Teixara is a blind Brazilian judo master who is competing in the Paralympics in Rio this year. The video here is a hidden camera setup, showing her in action, as well as with Vinicius Rodrigues, a sprinter with an artificial leg, and Luciano Dantas, a power lifter with dwarfism.

Female action stars of the 1910s

Even before women won the right to vote, a slew of films from the early-20th century featured heroines who chased danger and adventure.

In the early days of Hollywood, women made up a major chunk of the stars and crew – no good reason they can’t again.

(thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!)

Mariam Ibrahim Yusuf

Somali refugee Mariam Ibrahim Yusuf campaigns for greater awareness of asylum seekers, despite being homeless and destitute herself

“I do public speaking in schools to create awareness about asylum seekers because the media gives them a very bad name,” says Mariam. “The community thinks you’re coming here to take their jobs, while you’re suffering.”

Amanda Nguyen

State Department official Amanda Nguyen drove forward the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act after fighting not to have her own rape kit destroyed

“Basically, I had to pen my own rights into existence,” said Nguyen, of her fight to get her own rape kit — and those of many others — finally tested.

[Edit] On October 7, 2016, President Obama signed the Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act into law.