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Sexagenarians take down carjacker

Three teens affiliated with Milwaukee’s notorious CT Mob thought they had easy prey when they spotted this pair—but they tangled with the wrong women.

“I stood up and put the toe of my boot in a socially significant place,” said the 68-year-old army veteran and lesbian activist. “I told him if he tried to move or do anything, he would walk very funny for the rest of his life and pee through a tube.”

(heads up: she’s a complicated person who simultaneously fought the ban on lesbians in the military and also seemingly questions trans folk using their preferred restrooms – her concern being ill-behaved male predators pretending to be trans. sigh.)

Lila Kalis

Lila Kalis is a 5-year-old with an uncanny ability to race cars. Her father, pro skateboarder Josh Kalis, outfitted her Power Wheels with a custom chassis and an upgraded motor, and since then she’s been drifting and doing other insanely difficult driving techniques.

(little uncertain of her age right now – she started at like two or three, most stories say she’s three or four, but her Instagram says she’s five)

(thanks to Victoria for sending this in!)

Zoe Terry

MIAMI (WSVN) – A South Florida girl teased and bullied in Kindergarten, created an organization to inspire and motivate young girls going though the same…

“I do Zoe’s dolls because I want little brown girls to know that their image is beautiful, and that they’re just special, just the way they are.”

Tajamul Islam

Nine-year-old kickboxing champion Tajamul Islam from Kashmir is an unlikely heroine.

“She has a fighting spirit even though she looks soft-spoken and cute. Do not be fooled by her innocent looks, they are deceptive.”

(thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!)

RP on Stuff You Missed in History Class!

Author and illustrator Jason Porath joins Tracy and Holly in the studio to talk about women from history featured in his new book.

Had a FANTASTIC time on Stuff You Missed in History Class – the episode is now up, check it out! :D

Jin Xing

Jin Xing, a former male ballet star and army colonel, draws 100 million viewers a week and was the first person, publicly, to undergo gender reassignment surgery in her country. Now she shares the unlikely story of finding extraordinary success afterwards.

Her biting critique as a game show judge earned her the nickname “Poison Tongue,” but she endured much to get there – brutal treatment in the army, nearly losing the ability to walk after her surgery, and a lifetime of abusive comments. But she’s overcome, rising to be one of China’s biggest stars.

RP on You & Me This Morning!

Had a great interview with You and Me This Morning in Chicago the other day! Way fun!

“Saalumarada” Thimmakka

She is not a book-inspired environmentalist. She did not go to school or get any formal education. She worked as a labourer and like most voiceless Indian women, took life head-on for survival.

Unable to conceive, she instead began planting trees and taking care of them as her children.

Ashley Callingbull-Burnham

She turned her Mrs. Universe crown into a megaphone, championing First Nations issues and challenging Justin Trudeau to keep his campaign promises. But that’s just the start.

“Did you really think I was going to just sit there and look pretty? Definitely not. I have a title, a platform and a voice to make change and bring awareness to First Nations issues here in Canada.”

(thanks to Jessica for sending this in!)

RP on Great Day Live!

Former film animator & Louisville native Jason Porath is the author of “Rejected Princesses: Tales of History’s Boldest Heroines, Hellions & Heretics.”

Got to do an interview on the tv station I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons on as a kid – super surreal and way cool!