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Tish and Snooky Bellomo

They started with no training, no money, no nothing – they painted the floor black to hide how ugly it was, they drilled holes in the wall in place of buying hangers for shoes, they contended with throngs of shoplifters thinking a store run by two women would be an easy mark. But they did not give in, and their business became a massive success.


It’s an aggressive game that requires full body contact like hip and shoulder checks. It’s empowering. And that’s exactly why these young Egyptian women love it.

“The team is my support network,” said one member of the CaiRollers. “Whenever I have any problems at work or with my family, I skate it out and everything feels better.”

Interview with Women’s Voices Now

History’s Rejected Princesses: A Conversation with Jason Portath

I did a fun interview with Women’s Voices Now about RP, where I didn’t stumble over my own tongue for once. Worth reading, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Married at 14, Selvi escaped from an abusive marriage and went on to become South India’s first female taxi driver.

Selvi is now advocating for other girls in similar situations, to the extent where she threatened to call the cops on her brother if he tried to marry off his young daughter.

(content warning: abuse, rape)

Angela Mao

Angela Mao was as famous as Bruce Lee when she was a martial arts film star during the 1970s. Then she seemed to vanish. It turns out she’s been in Queens this whole time.

The New York Times has a fun piece on Angela Mao, one of the world’s first great female martial arts movie stars – who disappeared from the scene, leaving many fans wondering what happened to her. The somewhat anticlimactic answer as to where she’s been all this time? Queens. She had a family and is running a restaurant.

“This is not a gender situation,” she said with a baffled expression. “I just played myself. I am strong and I am powerful. That is how I became the most important female kung fu actress of my time.”

Victorian-era female archers had style

I was really struck by these pictures of Victorian-era female archers that I stumbled across the other day. Thought I’d share!

Sandy Robson

A Western Australian woman is back on dry land in Australia, following an epic five-and-a-half-year journey from Germany in a sea kayak.

The journey, which took her 5 and a half years, saw Sandy Robson talk down pirates, fight off crocodiles, and survive malaria – all by herself, in a kayak.

Young girls breaking stereotypes

This is how you break stereotypes.‬

Posted by Fatherly on Friday, November 4, 2016

This viral video of girls doing seriously cool shit is making the rounds — but the girls in the video are not named or credited. So here, let’s fix that:
Jesse Jane McParland (swordfighter)

Evnika Saadvakass (boxer)

Ryan “SuperGirl Ryan” Basserly (skydiver)

Samaya Clark-Gabriel (basketball)

Sky Brown (skateboarder)

Aisholpan Nurgaiv (eagle huntress)

Women use Twitter to tell people that they’re not saints

It was precisely this line of thinking that put RP Kurmanjan Datka in charge, because it was thought women wouldn’t start wars and would be quiet and compliant. They were wrong. They were so so wrong.

Women are not innately pure and moral paragons of virtue–women are people, with all that entails, good, bad, and complex. This is part of why this site features not-so-nice women, like Wu Zetian, Ranavalona I, Elisabeth Bathory, and Bibi Ayisha.

New Wonder Woman trailer

Can’t wait.