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RP on Talk Nerdy!

Cara is joined by the author (and illustrator) of “Rejected Princesses: Tales of History’s Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics,” Jason Porath.

I got to talk to the awesome Cara Santa Maria on her Talk Nerdy podcast – we went deep into discussions of the book’s contents and some of the neat surprises coming up that I have in store for you, so check it out!

Shirley Muldowney

Check out vintage photos of badass “First Lady of Drag Racing”, Shirley Muldowney who felt the need for speed in her teens and hasn’t really stopped since.

A street racer turned pro, Shirley Muldowney is considered one of the all-time greats of any gender for drag racing. Over thirty years, she won numerous awards and made many hall of fame lists – and started a children’s charity.

(while she’s fairly well-known in some circles, she was new to me, and possibly new to some of you too! enjoy some of her awesome vintage photos at the link!)

RP at Central Michigan University

Did you know that the RP book is being used as a textbook at Central Michigan University? It is! Here’s a video of a lecture I gave there when I visited back in February.

Clare Hollingworth

The oldest living journalist with an association to TIME turns 105

This 105-year-old war correspondent broke the news that World War II had started – after helping evacuate 3,500 refugees from Poland to Britain, earning her the nickname “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” And that’s just scratching the surface of her storied life.

Karrie Keyes

After three decades doing live sound, Karrie Keyes is still one of few female engineers in the business. Some Pearl Jam fans know her on sight.

“I remember, you know, when she was pregnant–pregnant on tour,” said the equipment manager of sound engineer Karrie Keyes, who co-founded SoundGirls, a group that supports and mentors women in professional audio. “Having babies and raising them and trying to tour at the same time just wasn’t an easy thing.”

Sofia Tomov

Sofia Tomov, 12, has made it her mission to help doctors prescribe the correct drugs to their patients.

The 12-year-old “has already published a children’s book, filed a patent for an invention, excelled in the ACT, passed two AP courses and is enrolled in three more AP courses this year.”

Angelina Fanny Hesse

Lab work can be a lot like cooking. You have to follow directions to measure, mix, and heat different chemicals to the right temperature to get the desired result.

In the early 1880s, Angelina Fanny Hesse – assistant, scientific illustrator, and wife of scientist Walther Hesse – made the isolation of bacteria possible by suggesting they use agar-agar for a Petri dish. When it worked, her husband was given the credit and her contribution was left out of the history books.

Shirin Gerami

Shirin Gerami wanted to represent her homeland, Iran, as a triathlete. But to do so, authorities said she’d have to cover up.

“If clothing can open a path for more women to participate in sports, then I believe it’s one of the easier barriers to overcome,” she said. “Women from all over the world contacted me saying we’d always dreamed of doing a triathlon but we never thought it would be possible.”

Ernestine Shepherd

80-year-old Ernestine Shepherd started lifting at fifty years old, and continues to this day in her sister’s memory. She now purports to be the world’s fittest grandma.

(see also: Willie Murphy, who’s a year younger)