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Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival

Les Femmes Underground International showcases artists from all walks of life creating work which redefines the manner in which women are represented.

I spoke at Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival in Los Angeles the other day – here’s a writeup of the event that mentions RP in some detail!

Jessie Graff at the Emmys

In case you missed it – this is American Ninja Warrior champion Jessie Graff (previously covered here) at the Emmys last week. She was also doing high kicks all down the red carpet.


Pitch is a new series about Ginny Baker, the first woman to play Major League Baseball. (it’s fictional, which they’re being coy about, but it looks pretty dang good)

Pushing the next RP post to tomorrow – apologies, just overwhelmed with work!

Sky Brown

“She skates bigger than she is,” said one commentator.

Kung-fu nuns bicycle to oppose human trafficking

This is the fourth such journey they have made to spread messages of gender equality, peaceful co-existence and respect for the environment.

“When we were doing relief work in Nepal after the earthquakes last year, we heard how girls from poor families were being sold because their parents could not afford to keep them anymore… We wanted to do something to change this attitude that girls are less than boys and that it’s okay to sell them.”

(You may remember the Drupka nuns from their previous appearances on this site)

World Nomad Games


Chynara Madinkulova (long hair) and Aida Akmatova (bun) performing at the World Nomad games in Kyrgyzstan, which concluded last week. You can watch their performance here:

Said games also include eagle hunting, horseback wrestling, and setting people on fire. Also cirit, a game where you chuck javelins at people on horseback. Clearly the Olympics needs to step it up.

And yes, I said setting people on fire. It’s called Oert Jalymdagan Chabandes, and though it’s not one of the games included in competition, there was an exhibition.


(thanks to Adrienne Mayor for finding out the names of these women!)

Women working in the White House

Today, “if we’re not in the room,” national security adviser Susan E. Rice said of herself and other senior women, “it’s not happening.”

The female staffers adopted a meeting strategy they called “amplification”: When a woman made a key point, other women would repeat it, giving credit to its author. This forced the men in the room to recognize the contribution — and denied them the chance to claim the idea as their own.

Betty Pack

During WWII, Betty Pack used seduction to acquire enemy naval codes.

“Ashamed? Not in the least. My superiors told me that the results of my work saved thousands of British and American lives… It involved me in situations from which ‘respectable’ women draw back—but mine was total commitment. Wars are not won by respectable methods.”

(via Atlas Obscura – next RP post up next Wednesday!)

Female WWII pilot laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

Elaine Harmon was a WASP — a woman flying military planes to free up a male pilot for combat. WASPs have received veteran status, but the Army had ruled their ashes couldn’t be placed at Arlington.

“We had exactly the same training as the male cadets — some of the women ferried airplanes, some towed targets… [in training, troops shot] live bullets at our targets. Fortunately they did not hit our planes, but they did not hit the target every time either.”

Nantinki Young

Nantinki Young has fed almost 3000 people a day to support the protest against the Dakota pipeline that would destroy many Native American lands. A member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, Young drove 2,100 miles to join the protests and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon: “It’s not our tribe, I’m not from here, but we’re all Native Americans and we stand together.”

(preview image taken from this article)