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Margaret Abbott

Margaret Abbott spent her entire life unaware that she had won the top golf prize at the 1900 games.

“Her mother, Mary Ives Abbott, entered the competition as well—the first and only time in Olympic history that a mother and daughter competed in the same sport in the same event at the same time.”

If you’re curious how someone can enter and win an Olympic game and not even realize it, a few years ago Stuff You Missed in History Class did a podcast about the 1900 Olympics which provides good backstory.

Sellappan Nirmala

Thirty years ago, India discovered the dreaded HIV virus had reached its shores when blood samples from six sex workers tested positive.

At a time where the Indian press wrote “that HIV was a disease of the ‘debauched West'” and presumed it would never come to their country, only one woman, Sellappan Nirmala, pushed forward on testing for HIV and AIDS – and in doing, uncovered an epidemic. But 30 years later, almost nobody knows her name.

Cree Summer

“Our time has come. When you shine this bright you can’t keep us in the dark.”

“Things have pretty much stayed the same. I think I’m qualified to comment on that ’cause I do all the black characters,” said Summer, who’s voiced over 250 video game and animation projects over 33 years. “…that also has to do with this weird idea that little black girls don’t watch cartoons, and we sure the f**k do.”

Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Semple McPherson was an American phenomenon even before she went missing for five weeks in 1926.

Next RP entry up next week – for now, enjoy the thoroughly twisty tale of Aimee Semple McPherson: an incredibly popular (and conservative) preacher whose complicated life involved kidnappings, hoaxes, adultery, and more.

You may not agree with what she preached, but damn if her life story didn’t take some interesting (and abrupt) turns.

Jessie Graff

Jessie Graff just became the first woman to make it past Stage 1 of American Ninja Warrior – and she did so in a custom made superhero outfit.

How champion Olympian Risako Kawai thanked her coach


In case you missed it – Olympian wrestler Risako Kawai’s victory celebrations are unconventional and hysterical.

(I love goofy Olympic moments like these)

You can see the video here.

RP one of the most innovative companies in LA!

We’re becoming quite settled in at our new location in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and so lucky to be called home for some of the most innovative companies in our community.

Cross Campus highlighted RP as one of the most innovative companies in DTLA! Thanks, y’all!

Katharine Blodgett Gebbie

Katharine Blodgett Gebbie, a visionary physicist and senior government research administrator who supervised and mentored four Nobel laureates in physics, died August 17, 2016, in Bethesda, Maryland.

“[Katharine Gebbie] was perhaps the only research director anywhere to have had four Nobel Prize winners in physics reporting to them at the same time. We are deeply grateful for her outstanding public service and will miss her dearly.”

A brilliant researcher herself, Gebbie spent over four decades with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, supporting and increasing the number of women and minorities in STEM careers.

RP in Geek & Sundry!

Ever wonder about those princess who didn’t get a Disney movie made about them? Rejected Princesses tells the stories of women who, let’s just say, won’t be getting their very own animated kids movie anytime soon.

Sweet! RP is on Geek & Sundry!

Wu Zetian to get her own TV series from Game of Thrones producer

The drama will be centered on Wu Zetian, the only female empress in the history of China.

One of the GoT producers is doing a 13-episode series on former RP Wu Zetian – awesome! Well, I did always describe her life story as making GoT look like a day at the beach…

Less awesome is the article’s repeated use of the word “empress,” particularly describing her as “China’s only female empress” – no, all the empresses were female, I believe. She was China’s only female emperor – or at least, that’s how many translate the title she took. Crossing fingers the series turns out well.

(and just because I think it’s funny how these things work out – remember how I mentioned former RP Tomyris is a playable character in the newest Civilization video game? Well, Wu was a playable character in the last one. And the lead designer of that game is even a fan of RP!)