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Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Rachel Ignotofsky’s illustrations and stories aim to turn pioneering women like Katherine Johnson and Mary Anning into household names.

The book covers a number of women covered here before – including Hypatia of Alexandria, Grace Hopper, and Katherine Johnson – and it looks great!

If you’re interested in this, you may also want to check out Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science and the World.

Claressa Shields

At 5 feet 9 and 165 pounds, Shields – who has a 74-1 record – doesn’t fit the traditional role of “Olympic darling” quite like a pint-sized gymnast or figure skater.

Warning – there are some mentions of abuse and rape in this article.

(thanks Natalie for sending this in!)

[Edit] The article mentions her goal to be the first US boxer ever to win back-to-back Olympic gold. With her victory in the 2016 Olympics, she accomplished just that.

Dozens of emoji introduced to provide male and female options

Today’s iOS 10 update includes more than 100 new emoji with expanded gender options for a wide range of activities and professions, allowing users to choose a man or a woman when expressing themselves through emoji.

Emoji that previously only featured men now have options for women as well (and vice versa).

Yuriko Koike

Former defence minister Yuriko Koike is elected governor of Tokyo in landslide election victory, the first woman to lead the Japanese capital.

She split off and ran in an independent party after leaders of her old party disparaged her with sexist comments like “We cannot leave Tokyo to a woman with too much make-up.” She won by enormous margins.

She’s also apparently pretty racist and jingoistic, although it’s not reported in Western media. From a commenter on RP’s Facebook Page:

She also is a horrible racist who has been tied to a (mainly anti-Korean) hate-spewing ultra nationalistic group and has attributed Japan’s population decline to “a lack in strong, dependable men”. She also has mentioned that she wants American nuclear missiles placed in Tokyo to defend against North Korea, and has continuously supported (and is still currently supported by) groups and people pushing to downplay the atrocities committed by Imperial Japan before and during WW2. I unfortunately cannot find English sources for these, but they are quite abundant in Japanese. Politics cannot be put aside – as someone who voted in this election I am deeply disappointed by the result. I’d happily have waited for someone else to come along to be the first female mayor of the city I grew up in and love.

I did try to research her before posting, but none of the English articles made mention of it. Even asked a Japanese friend, who apparently didn’t know about any of that.

Stacey Kozel

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Paralyzed Woman Hikes The Appalachian Trail Solo. Stacey Kozel wants to inspire others to never give up.

“I believe everyone is going through something and I hope when people see my story or see me out on the trail that they do not give up on whatever they are going through… we never know what we can accomplish if we give up too soon.”

Rocketeer sequel promises black woman as lead

Disney is moving forward with a Rocketeer reboot/sequel that will gender and race swap the lead and picks up six years after the events of the first movie.

Yeah, I know, another reboot, but that sounds kind of cool.

Nzingha Prescod

U.S. fencer Nzingha Prescod is 23 years old and preparing for her second Olympics, but first, she talked Body Issue, how she got into the sport and what it took to reach the top.

Two-time Olympian fencer Nzingha Prescod is, it turns out, named after Angolan warrior queen (and former RP subject) Nzinga Mbande! Prescod is just as cool. :)

(heads up – the article linked, while the best interview with her available online, has artistic nude photos that some might deem NSFW. nothing explicit is shown, but you have been forewarned.)

(thanks to Shavon for sending this in!)

Sam Gordon

“My hope is that if more parents, coaches and players watch me play, then more girls would want to play football,” said 13-year-old football player Sam Gordon.

Watch the original video from Bleacher Report below:

Susan Finley

Susan G. Finley, whose career with NASA spans more than five decades, will monitor signals from the explorer Juno on the Fourth of July, when it is expected to reach Jupiter.

“I don’t have a degree,” said the 79-year-old woman who was one of NASA’s first female engineers. “I think I’m kind of smart, maybe… I just hate school. I love work.”

Female tea workers form union

They were earning a little less than $3.50 a day. Then their bonus was cut. They didn’t trust their union to stand up for them. So they had only one choice.

“We gathered our courage and succeeded,” she says. “It’s men who ruled for the last four generations. It’s men who ran the unions. For so long, it’s only men. That’s why we women came together.”