3D-printed armor turns Barbie into a medieval badass

From The Verge:

Rodda has created the “Faire Play Battle Set,” comprising three full sets of 3D-printed battle armor for the iconic figurine. The designer has previously designed a number of 3D-printable items of a medieval persuasion, including functional miniature ballistae and catapults for tabletop gaming.

Welp, that seals it, I need to get a 3d printer. Also: some Barbie dolls.

(anyone want to help make rejectedprincesses dolls? :D)

2 Responses to “3D-printed armor turns Barbie into a medieval badass”

  1. Maggie

    I NEED this! I loved Barbie since I was a kid. Holy shit, the kids I babysit for would flip out if they had this.

  2. Jennifer Falconer

    I would love love to be part of creating rejected princess dolls.