2 Responses to “All-female boxing club pledges to crash “pro-rape” meet-ups”

  1. E.L. Wagner

    Because if you’re assaulted by a female boxer on private property, it isn’t a crime, just a learning experience?

  2. Hana - Marmota

    I don’t see them saying that they planned on actually doing violence to anyone; only, I infer, that they were prepared to defend themselves and show they could if necessary. Important distinctions to note in the article: A) If the article is right, it wasn’t actual private property they planned on crashing on, the article specifically says the group planned to meet in parks (and guessing by the leader’s subsequent comment, planned to close-up the parks to public for the duration of the meetings or something? – I wonder how exactly they planned on doing that, and whether it could have gone through as envisioned, anyway?). B) At least the way the article frames it, it was in response to the threat that women who would crash their parties would be filmed for future harassing purposes, and the boxing gloves were only a symbol to say “we can defend ourselves.”