Mailbag: Goddesses, Norse RPs, Italian painters, and RP in the classroom

joyhorse13 asked:

Love your Rejected Princesses!!! Have you thought of adding any goddesses to the list? If you could do Nüwa (Chinese goddess), or anyone from Greek mythology, that’d be awesome :D

I tend to stray away from goddesses, since I find them less inspiring than historical people or fables – when I do cover them, they’re usually the “WTF?” portion of the site. Some examples I’ve done: Corn Maiden, Etain, and Pasiphae (who covers your Greek mythology request). I might at some point end up covering other Greek heroines like Atalanta or one of the amazon figures (Myrina, Penthesilea, etc).

On the goddess end of things, I secretly yearn to cover Hawaiian goddess Kapo, who had a detachable flying vagina, and Coyolxauhqui, whose 400-breasted mother was impregnated by a ball of feathers.

(I’m kind of a weirdo)


starpiper asked:

I love reading Rejected Princesses! Do you think Artemisia Gentileschi might show up as a RP one day?

On the list! Might be one for the book, actually.

tiny-angry-dragon asked:

Hi, I know you generally don’t do godesses and legends, but are you ever going to do some women from the Norse mythology? I mean, it doesn’t even have to be godesses. There are loads of interesting legends revolving around shield maidens and Jotun women

Actually just did one a bit ago for the book. Should aim to get one on the web soon, though, you’re right.

somnus-nemuri asked:

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. I’ve learned a lot with you and, as a teacher, you’ve inspired me tell my class to do little essays about this women in combat (they’re studying WWII). Thank you for showing me all of this amazing women.

You’re welcome! And I’d love to see what they come up with – same goes for any other teachers out there!

(I have this weird pipe dream of helping put together RP-related teaching materials somewhere down the line, after I’m done with the book and have free time again. I have no idea what that would look like, since the stuff I write isn’t very academic in nature and I’m not a teacher, but hey, I think it’s a neat possibility)

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  1. Jason Porath

    Having trouble digging up the source I originally used (this was posted like a year ago) – but IIRC, Pasiphae’s myth was based off an earlier Minoan one of a bull goddess figure. Moreover, Pasiphae was worshipped as a goddess, although the more popular version of her story has her as a mortal sorceress.