Mailbag: Joan of Arc, details about the RP book, and RP for kids?

spacewitchqueen asked:

I know you must get questions like this a lot, but would you ever consider doing Joan of Arc as a rejected princess? I know she’s very well known, compared to the others, but I was just wondering, since she’s kinda my favorite.

She’s on the list! I will say two things though:

1) She might be a book entry.

2) If you like Joan of Arc, you should definitely check out Yolande of Aragon. :D


all-bloody-inspired asked:

Is there a release date for the book yet?

Not yet. Next year, is all I can say.


the-frantastic-gay asked:

Do you know if your book will be sold through major bookstores like Barnes & Noble?

That’s the idea! Bit early to make that determination, but I think it will be.


female-protagonists asked:

Are you kickstarting it?

Nope – it’s being published through Dey Street, an imprint of Harper-Collins. That way, it’ll have a wider reach and be a nicer book. Takes longer, but I have faith it’ll be better in the long run.


dunkaroosandglitter asked:

Have you thought about doing smaller books, like each Princess as a kids book, etc? Cuz some of these would make great stories to give to kids (some too bloody but you know…). I’d be surprised if a major publisher wouldn’t bite but you could pursue it on your own too.

It’s an idea for the back of my mind. Probably something to do after the book comes out, and something for which I’d want a partner to handle art duties.