Why have “evil” princesses?

Conversation with a friend about Rejected Princesses. As a rule, I don’t feel comfortable publicly soapboxing, but occasionally I get riled up.

5 Responses to “Why have “evil” princesses?”

  1. Martha Paschal

    Morality and leadership seldom go hand in hand.

  2. archersangel

    And since history has been written by men (mostly) they have sometimes used it to “put women in their place.” If (for example) a woman was brave & bold defending her country from invaders, the story often includes: her abusing prisoners of war, refusing to follow any command given by a man & some sort of promiscuous behavior or debauchery. The story ends with the woman being killed, sometimes in a horrable manner. The lesson the writer(s) hope to impart to young women: stay at home, get married, have babies & don’t rock the boat. I’m not saying that all of the “evil” RPs were not bad, just that some may have had their actions distorted, like they said start of the conversation.

  3. Duane Udd


    When judges ruled in Israel
    And battled for the land
    There was a woman named Jael
    For God she took her stand

    Her husband Heber the Kenite
    Came down from godly stock
    His sister wed meek Moses’ might
    Who tended Hobab’s flock

    But this had passed some time before
    Bold Deborah now ruled
    She brought out Barak to the fore
    In war he was well schooled

    Yet even he refused to go
    Without her by his side
    To stem the mighty rushing flow
    Of Sisera’s dread tide

    But other woman won the day
    When Jabin’s army fell
    Captain Sisera fled away
    That tale we long will tell

    Weary warrior went to ground
    In Jael’s welcome tent
    He foolishly false refuge found
    For soon his life was spent

    Her butter served in lordly dish
    More pristine example
    Than hammered nail and deathly wish
    Staked down through his temple

    Blest shall she be above women
    Before her feet he bowed
    She takes her place alongside men
    By them she was not cowed

    © Duane W. Udd
    7th Oct., 1994
    For Kirsten