Astrid Deserved Better

If you’d been at DreamWorks Animation during the making of that movie, you might have heard that in the hallways–as I would excitedly start ranting about it to almost anyone…

So I wrote an article about the creative process in the animation industry – and while the final product got more focused on me than I’m comfortable with (my article title was “Astrid Deserved Better: The Quest For Better Female Animated Characters From Inside the Industry”), the main points – that people are trying and the business realities are a nightmare – are still there.

The final version trimmed quite a few examples of other people trying to move the medium forward, so here’s some of the shout-outs that got cut:

There’s a ton more that I am sure I’m forgetting to list, who have been here far longer than me and have worked far harder than me. I don’t want it to come across as I was the only one trying to improve the medium I love – I am far from it. RP is just another brick or two in a growing wall.

(special thanks to fictograph – who is manifesting the art she wants to see, and deserves all the support in the world – for holding my feet to the fire on this article.)