Book 2 Preorders Are Up!

The second volume, out in April, covers fifty real-life heroines – all mothers literal or figurative – from all over the world! You can get a full list of everyone included (and even preview some chapters) by clicking right here. Much-requested figures include Marsha P. Johnson, Juana Azurduy de Padilla, Cut Nyak Dhien, and Irena Sendler – as well as lesser-known figures like Ada Blackjack, Te Ao-Kapurangi, and Trinidad Tecson!
(I suspect it would make a pretty good Mother’s Day present.)
It covers a lot of ground.

It covers a lot of ground.

You can get it in pretty much any bookstore you want, but if you preorder from Book Soup, you can get extra stuff! Specifically, you have two options.

1) Standard bundle

In the standard preorder, you get a signed book with a preorder-exclusive dust jacket featuring an alternate cover!

(yes, that’s a baby bottle as a molotov cocktail. foil-stamped, too!)


2) Premium bundle

If you order the premium bundle, for just a few dollars more, you get the signed book, the dust jacket, an enamel pin, a personalized sketch, some stickers, and a bookmark!

If you decide to go for those (there’s limited quantities!), make sure to include who you want the dedication to be to, and what sketch you want in the “Notes” field when you check out!


Again, click here for the standard bundle, click here for the premium bundle, and click here for more general info on what’s in the book. :)

It’s been a stupidly difficult road to get here,and get all the preorder stuff in place, but it’s been worth it. I hope you all love the book. :D

Oh, and so you know what to expect from book 2, here’s the near-final index:

(I’m glad I stuck to indexing “bullshit” so prominently.)