Book Tour Update

Hey y’all, got a few more lined up for y’all – trying to do more, but man, putting together a book tour is a nightmarish amount of work.

11/15: Durham, NC
9:30am-10:45am, Durham Technical College

Talk at Durham Technical Community College’s Teaching-Learning Center. RSVP here.

11/16-7: Atlanta, GA

I’ll likely be doing informal stock signings instead of a big event. I’ll post where I’ll be and when, and if you’re able to, come by and I’ll sign your book in person.

11/18: Louisville, KY
7-9pm, Carmichaels Bookstore (Frankfort location)

Book signing and Q&A. RSVP here.

11/21: Chicago, IL
7-9pm, Volumes Bookcafe

Book signing and Q&A. RSVP here.

11/29: Washington, DC
7-9pm, Upshur Books

Book signing and Q&A. RSVP here.

12/1-12/7: New York, NY

12/8: Boston, MA
7-9pm, Trident Booksellers

Book signing, party, cosplay contest. This is gonna be rad. RSVP here.