Amazon Week is coming – and you can be a part of it!


In case you missed it – next week we’re doing something a little different. Meaning you and me. In honor of this awesome news story about archaeologists uncovering actual Amazons’ names (including “Battle-Cry”, “Worthy of Armor”, and, uh, “Hot Flanks”), I’m opening it up to submissions from all of you to accompany the piece I make for next week.

So come up with your own Amazon name! Be it “Ball Collector,” “Dances Like Cow,” “Spanks Too Hard”, or whatever you come up with. Let’s see your personal Amazon. Make it one of your Inktober drawings.

No restrictions. Do whatever art style you want. Genderbend. I don’t care if your personal Amazon is a pony or a piece of bread or a 7th-dimensional math equation.

The rules:

  • Submissions are due to by the end of the day next Tuesday.
  • Make sure to include the name you’d like to be credited under, and a link. (post it on your own website/tumblr if you’d like!)
  • If you post about it, please use the hashtag #nameanamazon (on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, wherever).
  • Since I anticipate a ton of entries and will likely be grouping them into 10-picture photo galleries, maybe include a watermark or signature on your image, so everyone knows whose work was done by whom.
  • I lay claim to absolutely none of this (aside from the one I draw) and none of it’s going in the book. Your work is your own. This is for fun. :) Also to provide some relief to me so I can work on book-only entries.
  • Let me know what you think of this when you email! It’s an experiment.

I’ll try and do a bit of research on historical Amazons and put it on the first post when Amazon Week starts next Wednesday.

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