Amazon Week Part 2

(don’t know what this is? find out here – first installation here!)

Pictures, in order:

  • “Red Snow”  by Yvonne Esmeralda. (find her tumblr here!) She notes that Chinese did have a tribe of women that depended on themselves called NuEr Guo (女儿国) – neat!
  • “Calls The Thunder” by Crowgirl Studio (find her tumblr here!)
  • “Wild Blade” by Elizabeth Smith (artist) and Sarah Smith (creative consultant). She’s standing over the body of her female lover after they’d gotten in a fight — the dead lover having claimed Wild Blade’s eye. Grisly!
  • “The Blue Marauder” by Patrick A Laglagaron (find his Facebook here!)
  • “Equulyta” and “Morituri”, both by Bill Coffin. (find his Facebook pics here and here!)
  • “Slow Draw” by Sheryl Schopfer (find her site here!)
  • “Balls in Jars”, ”Stabs You in the Eye”, ”Sings Off-Key”, and ”Plays with Matches” by Julie Heaston.
  • “Attacks from Above” by ValJupe (find her blog here!)
  • “Thunder Sneeze” by Esme T (find her Google+ here)!

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in entries! I’ll have another post coming out tomorrow with more pics. If you’ve been waiting to send in an entry, send it now! Email – include any name and link you’d like to be credited with, please!