Amazon Week Part 3!

(don’t know what this is? find out here – first installation here,  second installation here!)

Pictures, in order:

  • “Family Jewelry”  by Abi McBett (tumblr here!)
  • “Head in the Clouds” by Bevin Redding (Facebook here!)
  • “Demostrate” (which means ‘Armor of the People’) by Kaylin Price (tumblr here!)
  • “Mercy” (aka Mercedes) by Jessica Nelson (Deviantart here!)
  • “Had About Enough” by Ni Claydon (Facebook here!)
  • “Soundless Wasp” by Elaine Eigel (tumblr here!)
  • “Piranha Bite” by Kim Wedlock (website here!)
  • “Strikes With Brute Force” by ValJupe (website here!)
  • “Kida Krav Maga” by Ariel Townsend
  • “Steppe Flower” by Devin Parker (tumblr here!)

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in entries! I’ll have another post coming out tomorrow (probably the last one) with more pics – including one by me! If you’ve been waiting to send in an entry, send it now! Email – include any name and link you’d like to be credited with, please!