Amazon Week Part 4: Finale


(don’t know what this is? find out here – first installation here,  second installation here, third installation here!)

Pictures, in order:

  • “White Clouds” by meltyvolks
  • “Lover of Literacy”
  • “Angry Bird” and “Arrow in the Knee” by Carl Gylling (deviantart here and tumblr here!)
  • “Slays Cypress with Herring” by The real bojangles (that’s the name I got!)
  • “True Blood” by V. Athena Lisane
  • “Bad At This” by… me. (I thought ‘what would my amazon name be?’ and suddenly I had this picture.)
  • Blazing Rainbow by Kristin Emiko

Thanks, everyone! This was fun. New full-on entry on Wednesday. Again, your hint is: Bringing light to Damascus with a red crescent, trousers, and, conspicuously, no veil.

(please send in guesses via this form!)