ESL teaching resource: Ching Shih

Reader (and teacher!) Ashley B wrote in with a worksheet she used to teach ESL students English. This one is based off of the Ching Shih writeup, and covers editing, comprehension, vocabulary, opinion and summary writing. You can find it here: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=16 linktext=Ching-shih /]

Of the students’ reactions, Ashley wrote that the top comment was “I didn’t know pirates were real.”  She continued, “There was also an interesting debate about some of Lady Ching’s rules.  Most felt the death penalty was too harsh for the infractions, I had to laugh that these students thought pirates would be more generous with rule breakers.”

If you end up using this, please write in and let me know how it goes! And if you are yourself a teacher using RP resources in the classroom and feel okay sharing what you’ve come up with, send it in and I’ll post your files on the website!

2 Responses to “ESL teaching resource: Ching Shih”

  1. clairvoyante

    Thanks for posting this. I’m excited to try it and would love to see more in the future!