In which I mess up Maori terminology

pohutukaryl asked:

Kia ora! I just started reading Tough Mothers, and though I was stoked to see a Māori heroine in Te Ao-Kapurangi, I found the entry a little jarring to read for one grammatical thing: At least in NZ English, iwi (tribe) names don’t take “the”, particularly with the two cited in that entry as both “ngā” and “te” mean “the”. The exception would be if you’re using the iwi name as a possessive adjective, eg. “the Ngā Puhi chiefs”, since the “the” refers more to the chiefs. Still enjoying the book!

Ah butts. I’d run this by a number of proofreaders, trying to catch errors like that – I had a whole pass where I did nothing but check for accent marks – but that one slipped through. :-/ If we go to a second printing, I’ll put that on the to-fix list. Thank you! Here’s a Nog Prize. :)

(another thing on the to-fix list: the map on the back inside cover was supposed to be south-up. communication error.)