Li Chi’s historiography: totally wack.

eroschilles asked:

First, I wanted to say that your series is super awesome and I love it.You are really good with the amount of detail you put into these projects, which is why I felt it might be ok to ask you a question about the story of Li Chi. I just wanted clarification on the timing of the story. You mentioned it took place in 5th century BCE. But I think the story of Ti Ying comes from the Han dynasty (at least according to the link you had inserted), which was founded in the third century BCE. Thanks!

One Response to “Li Chi’s historiography: totally wack.”

  1. Jeanette Wu

    Eh, like the reviewer said, Chinese historiography is totally whack when it comes to novels. Sort of the equivalent of doing Shakespeare in modern dress. You’re probably safe when it comes to some historical inaccuracies. If you need help for the Asian stuff, much of the historiography of China, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea is written in Chinese, which I can read and fact-check.