Nog Prize #6: Cyrus and Croesus were not bros

eghawkins asks:

So in the Tomyris history: Croesus and Cyrus- no fealty swearing going on there. At least not in the NBD way you’ve presented (which is weird because the inclusion of all the gory details is one of my favorite things about this blog.) Cyrus set Croesus on fire in a terribly conceived attempt at interrogation before changing his mind about burning the other King alive. Allegedly after that everything was fine. Presumably they got on due to a shared dislike of Solon and the Athenians?

Dude, good point! I did not realize that Cyrus had set Croesus on fire. Clearly they were not bros. I’ve amended the Tomyris entry to reflect that.

In response, I bestow unto you one Nog Prize! Well done, you smarty you.