Cyber Monday sale! Plus: Shirts! Calendars! Stickers!

Hey y’all! So I spent a chunk of time putting together more merch – shirts, posters, stickers, calendars, and phone cases – for you, and it’s all on sale TODAY ONLY! Here’s the details:

As for the new stuff, we have a calendar:


We have phone cases:


And we have graphic tees:


Now, I will say this: there are different t-shirts coming. I’m working on adjusting the art on a handful of the most popular entries to work on t-shirts and tank tops, but it’s taking a bit. Between that, the merch detailed above, doing all the reading/writing/art for this week’s entry, and trying to spend a bit of time with loved ones over Thanksgiving, I’m a bit stretched thin. But hopefully by this time next week.

One more time, the shop is right here. Please share!