Ghanaian Queen Mothers taking back power

The women came from the far corners of the country by the dozen, from traffic-choked Accra, bustling market towns and remote rural villages &em; with huge golden rings on their fingers and rows of beads around their necks. ‘We wear a lot of gold and pearls to signify that we are precious,’ says one with a grin.

Queen Mothers, once an integral part of local Ghanaian governance, had their influence reduced under colonialism. Now they are fighting to reestablish their roles, that they may better combat childhood marriage, female genital mutilation, and poverty.

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  1. archersangel

    BTW that link takes you to the story about the silent movie stuntwomen.

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    Doh! Should be fixed now, thanks.

  3. Adeoluwa Abegunde

    People from Ghana are called Ghanians not Ghanans.