High school girls build kick-ass robots

Girls don’t like robots. Fredi Lajvardi heard that a lot. As a high school science teacher in urban Phoenix, he ran into roadblocks whenever he tried to recruit girls to the school’s robotics…

Heck yeah they do.

2 Responses to “High school girls build kick-ass robots”

  1. Erica Wagner

    Cool! One of my nieces was into robotics competitions for a couple of years. The main thing she disliked about it was being the only girl on her team and feeling like she had to constantly keep the boys from goofing off instead of trying to win. So much for boys being the “competitive” gender.

  2. Squeaks

    I’m the only girl on my robotics team, and was one of the only girls in the competition. Everyone made really big deal about it, and there were even mean comments to me. “Go paint you nail” “Shouldn’t you be at the mall” They weren’t saying that when we won. So glad to see these girls!!