Houston, we have a book deal

Dearly Rejected,

There is going to be a Rejected Princesses Book.

It’s being published by Dey Street, an imprint of Harper Collins. It’s going to be out in 2016. There will be around a hundred entries.

And I’m totally freaking out about it.

This would not be possible without the kindness and support that you have all shown. When I left my job back in April, I did so thinking I wouldn’t find any success for the first 2-3 years. Instead, this little side project with the silly doodles and trivia-babble took off.  Every time I think about the number of people who’ve enjoyed the project, the enthusiasm and excitement displayed for my wayward scribbles… it overwhelms me. So thank you.

Now, here’s where we’re at: I’m gonna fill this book with rad stories until it’s about ready to explode. But many are going to have to be exclusive to the book, so it’s worth everyone’s while – meaning you may have to wait a while to see some of your favorites. I ask for your patience, and in return the Dey Street team and I are gonna make this book the best it can be.

Speaking of favorites, I’m sure you have an opinion (perhaps two!) on who should be in the book. Perhaps you’d even like to voice said opinions! Turns out you can, through this form right here. Ah, the magic of technology.

It’s gonna be a buttload of work to hit the deadline. I’m still working out how to balance the web entries with the book-only ones, and that’s going to be a learning process, so please bear with me.

When pre-orders become available, I’ll post about it again, but it won’t be for a while.

By the way, if you see people saying this is “old news” or yelling “first” in the comments – I actually announced this yesterday on the mailing list. Which you can sign up for, if you want to. Or not! You can do anything. I believe in you.

Thank you again. This is gonna be awesome.

P.S. I figure here’s as good a place to announce it as any — the hint for tomorrow’s upcoming RP entry is probably way too difficult, since only 2 people have gotten it right so far. Mea culpa! So here’s another hint: it’s a historical, not mythological, figure. Electra, Clytemnestra, and other such figures are all incorrect.

P.P.S. For those with interest in such things: I am represented by Alexandra Machinist at ICM Partners and Carrie Thornton at Dey Street Books. They are both incredible people and I’m super jazzed to be working with them.

5 Responses to “Houston, we have a book deal”

  1. Rhymis

    I saw about your site on Upworthy and it is just awesome! I am so going to buy your book and I hope that film adaptations will be in the works. Well, films that give justice to these awesome people!

  2. Robin L

    I shared this with a cosplaying genius that I know…she loves the obscure but I am hoping your princesses won’t stay that way!!!

  3. harpreet kaur jass

    it would be a great learning material for education of young kids, adults. I am eagerly awaiting the book!

  4. PD

    This needs to be available for pre-order RIGHT NOW. I mean, what if I forget that I’m in desperate need of this book come 2016???