If male scientists were written about like successful women

If articles wrote about historical male scientists the way they do of female scientists…! Here’s a bit of humor for your Monday.

For the Spanish-speaking among you, the original conversation starts here.

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5 Responses to “If male scientists were written about like successful women”

  1. Dee

    Reminds me of that old Doonesbury strip where the woman writes up something in the style of her male colleagues: http://www.gocomics.com/doonesbury/1972/04/23

    “Today, President King and Special Assistant Chuck Taylor presided over the presentation of the new University Art Gallery.

    Mr. King, the pert father of three, looked stunning in his provocative mohair suit as he flashed a smile at nearby admirers.

    Mr. Taylor, the husband of Mrs. Charles Taylor, and still a svelte, firm 30-32-30, turned more than one head with his sheer, skin-tight socks. Chuck, a special assistant, is a former brunette.”
    And she gives him a big evil grin in the last panel.

  2. E.L. Wagner

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I want to see someone put a spin on Tesla’s perpetual “bachelorhood” in his single-minded pursuit of his career.

  3. daronlady620

    Thanks for that- I was trying to locate that same cartoon. Perfect