Inventions by women

When most people think of an inventor, they think of someone like Thomas Edison: a grizzled, older man, tinkering alone in a laboratory. It’s an ingrained archetype – but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The truth is that there have been many female inventors throughout history; it’s just difficult to tell exactly how many, thanks to restrictive laws.

Just learned the earliest beer recipe on record was for a goddess of brewing, Ninkasi. Don’t know if that means women invented beer, but it does mean I’ve finally found religion.

(thanks to SilverLady for sending this in!)

2 Responses to “Inventions by women”

  1. Valerie Kaplan

    Well, I know that the surname “Brewster” comes from the profession and that the -ster suffix specifically means a woman (as in spinster). Brewing was apparently a common and respectable female job back in them days, whenever them days were.

  2. bjvl