Kaur: an animated film about Mai Bhago, STEM, and a young girls’ education

The Sikh community released something pretty neat today : Kaur, an animated short that ties their cultural and religious traditions — specifically, the story of 18th-century  badass and previous RP entry Mai Bhago — to the current-day problems that a young girl might face in her education. They’ve clearly put in a lot of effort (making an animated feature of any length is soul-crushingly hard), and it’s commendable that they’re throwing the weight of their history behind STEM education, and trying to use that to boost the esteem of girls who might be struggling. You can watch it here:


I thought it was cool enough that they’re doing this, I drew this picture of Mai Bhago and Kaur’s protagonist, Saibhang hanging out. Happy with how it turned out! :)