Lady Colin: The Lady Whom the Butler Saw

Gertrude Elizabeth Blood was 22 when her mother brought her to Scotland in search of a suitable husband. One fateful September night in 1880, she caught the eye of Lord Colin Campbell, son of the Duke of Argyll.

The origin of the phrase “what the butler saw” came from this woman’s divorce proceedings – when a butler claimed to have seen her in flagrante through a keyhole, the lawyers marched the entire jury to said door and had them attempt to recreate the feat.

3 Responses to “Lady Colin: The Lady Whom the Butler Saw”

  1. Shubhangie Mishra

    Jason..I just love yourblog. Thank you for it. And logically people didnt die from swallowing diamonds. One plausible theory is they had rings which opened( there are actually rings like this) …which contained poison. So you licked your ring and you died. To the eyes of the audience diamond killed you..

  2. Jason Porath

    I’m guessing you’re talking about the Rani Sakhubai entry? The most detailed stuff I was able to find on her online actually said she just swallowed a ton of diamond dust, and that presumably cut up her throat to where she died. If you have more specific info on her, please point me in the right direction! :)