Malawian chief annuls child marriages, sends kids to school

A female traditional leader in the southern African nation of Malawi has confronted the practice of child marriage by annulling 300 of these marriages and sending the children to school

The female chief, Inkosi Kachindamoto, terminated the marriages of 175 girl-brides and 155 boy-fathers, so they could go to school.

3 Responses to “Malawian chief annuls child marriages, sends kids to school”

  1. Michelle C. Young

    Uhhh, why are the girls “brides” and the boys “fathers”? Or is that one of those things that just translate poorly?
    However, HOORAY for this act! Give these poor children their lives back!
    I love this website.

  2. Jason Porath

    No idea, just took it from the article. I’ve found that with these sorts of things, changing the terminology even slightly from the source will often alter the meaning, and invite any number of corrections emails and often nasty comments.